In the age of Blackberries and IPhones…

Uses Of Water in Winter…

Dear Jal Rakshaks, 

To make Water flow or not, in this age of Blackberries and I-Phones – that is the question! The flow of thoughts & images is gone – only sporadic, jumpy one liners remain. The meandering, graceful river and flowing soft prose must go.….. 

OK – so I figured a way out of this problem – I will now speak ’Poetry’. So here goes… 

Uses of Water in Winter 

A quick cold dip will do the trickUses of Water

To beat the nip and trip the crick

To scream for God but be Ra-One

For a glowing hot- bod for everyone ! 

Enjoy winter with Water!!

We would like to hear from you some other Uses Of Water. Please use the comment box below to share your thoughts


Next poem!

Freeze if you must – but only on top;

beneath the frozen crust – your thoughts must flow free.

When the troughs make life tough – float on your inner hope;

While the placid outer calm, fans the fiery spirit.  

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