awards and recognition that FORCE has received...

Over the years, FORCE has been awarded and recognized for the work done in the area of Water Conservation.

Some of the key awards won by FORCE are listed below:

National Urban Water Award

  • Nominated by the Ministry of Water Resources as a member of the Drafting Committee for National Framework Water Law
  • Finalist (3rd Prize) in the National Urban Water Award 2009 instituted by the Ministry of Urban Development
  • Nominated by Ministry of Water Resources as a member of the Task Force for Optimization and Integration of Water Quality Monitoring stations
  • Awarded the ‘Ashoka Innovator for Public Fellowship’ in 2009 for the P-4 Partnership Approach
  • Nominated to run with the Olympic Torch in India for the Beijing Olympics 2008.
  • Nominated on the ‘Advisory Committee for Groundwater Management and Regulation’ by the Deputy Commissioners of 5 districts of Delhi
  • Panelist on Civil Society Consultations held for Groundwater Management, Sustainable Water and Sanitation solutions for the Urban Poor.


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