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Sustainable Solid Waste Management – A Case Study

FORCE won the 1st runner up prize at the recently held Case Study competition for NGOs by the National HRD Network and BIMTECH. We presented our Solid Waste Management initiative under the ITC Sunehra Kal Program at Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The presentation made as...

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The Curse of Open Defecation

When you look for an apartment or paying guest room for yourself, following questions are mostly in our checklist “Is washroom attached? “ “Do I have to share it with the fellow flat mate or roommate “. Most of us reject the room/apartment if washroom isn’t attached...

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Abba Matloob

In this great and big world, we see so little .How many of us actually know about a small town somewhere harboring people like you and me (without using Google). We live in uncertainty until things unfold, and sometimes we happen to discover new places, new faces and...

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Koode Wali

By Zeenat Farooq - Documentation & Training Coordinator - FORCE "KOODE WALI" This is what THEY called me while I was inspecting the work of waste pickers, for one of our projects on SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT at Saharanpur. This was my first official site visit and I was...

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Incentivise Water Efficiency In Production

A recent article in Hindustan Times quotes FORCE’s research that has found that, around the world, attempts to manage water through water policies, aimed directly at controlling water, don’t work unless a place has already reached a crisis and there is hardly any...

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A Neoliberal Takeover of Social Entrepreneurship?

An interesting and thought provoking article by Jyoti Sharma,  President FORCE has been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review that evaluates if a model of social entrepreneurship focused on market-based solutions and profit is threatening to crowd out...

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Let's Have A Blue Christmas

[ezcol_2third] [/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end] Did you know that the red and white clothes of Santa Claus are not really of his choice. They are the colors of Coca-Cola. It is popularly believed that in the 1920’s an artist for Coca-Cola drew Santa Claus in the...

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Grain Size Analysis At MDU Rohtak

Presentation on: Grain Size Analysis at MDU Rohtak - by Jyoti sharma at the National workshop on: 'Water Conservation and Pollution' organised by the National Committee Of International Association Of Hydrogeologists' (INC-IAH) and Manav Rachna Educational...

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Jyoti Sharma Named Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Recently the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy and the Swearer Center for Public Service  at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, announced that they will welcome Jyoti Sharma as as a Taubman fellow and Brown's first social entrepreneur in...

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World Toilet Day Celebration

These women have worked tirelessly to make their respective communities Open Defecation (OD) Free. They have understood the much touted saying that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. As part of their felicitation by FORCE under the "Swatch Delhi, Swasth Delhi" (Clean...

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Pro Or Against Water

WaterIn a recent Workshop, a comment by one of my friends in the developmental sector said something that got me thinking.  We were talking about a civil society advocacy group for Water. She asked me whether I wanted to be part of that group. I immediately said “Yes – any group that cares for Water is a group I’d like to be part of.” Then I asked her who the other members were. She reeled off some names. I was familiar with them and so, without thinking, I said, “ Oh- the Anti-Privatization group?’ She looked at me speculatively and replied, “ Yes…though we too are part of it.” Then more suspiciously, she asked ” Are you pro-privatization or Against?”

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Water Poem for Children

Stones-in-waterHi I am Varun

‘Mr Water’ if you please,

I’m here to make new friends

With you and all your buddies.

I’m a quiet kinda guy

So I don’t like to brag;

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The Sanitation and Water Challenge in Delhi

Sanitation & water challengeFORCE* is organizing an ‘Expert Dialogue’ titled ‘The Sanitation and Water Challenge in Delhi – With Special reference to Regularization and Resettlement of the Poor’. The Expert Speakers will share their views on the current and expected challenges in providing adequate, sustainable sanitation and Water services to the lesser privileged in Delhi.

FORCE will also share the findings of a recent sample study that was done on Community Toilet complex usage, management, infrastructure and maintenance. The study also analyses the impact …

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Excerpt From My Book – WaGu

Water the guruDear Jal Rakshaks,

As I saw more and more of Water in my work for its conservation, I started to see that Water is not a mere ‘resource’. All that you need to learn about living a life well lived, you can learn from Water. I see, Water as my Guru. Please read this excerpt from the first draft of a book I’m writing on it. Please share with me stories, ideas, existential questions….anything…. that you think must be a part of  a book like this.

Also please help me find a title for the book ! 

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Jal Yachana – All Religion Prayer Meeting

Water PrayerIn a unique ceremony, FORCE, has called for citizens, political leaders, religious institutions to cut across all divides and jointly pray to God for alleviating the distress of those suffering because of drought or flood. On 7th of August between 9.30 to 10.30 am, ‘Jal Yachana – Sarva Dharma Prarthana Sabha’ has been organized.

An All – Religion Prayer Session where leaders, citizens and children from all over Delhi will gather together to pray to the Almighty to bless the parched Earth with his blessing of Rain.

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Satyamev Jayate & Water

amir khanDid you watch Aamir Khan in ‘Satyamev Jayate, on water, yesterday? Going by the smses I got telling me to watch it, I think many of you did ! Did you like it ?

I did. Reminded me a bit of a Dire Straits track… Constant base guitar that gets deep into the heart, nimble lead that runs through every part of the brain and a voice that spells,’ I’m here – Why worry now’?

The program was complete – the right mix of head and heart. It had film clips and activists who focussed attention on what was wrong with the existing systems.

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Debit Card Model For Water Conservation

Article originally published in Sep 2011 issue of GOVERNANCE NOW magazine The monsoon brings in its wake a primeval expression of joy as the first showers bring welcome rain, followed by sporadic outbreaks of seasonal diseases, mudslides and water-logging, and finally...

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When I learnt to practice what I preach…

Last week all of us went for our family vacation to our village in Himachal Pradesh – a village called Chachian in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. My father – in- law, now 76 years old, lives there alone.The village is beautiful – and our home – even more so. Our...

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Pray for those who are suffering

Pray for those who are suffering Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Environment Protection, Jal Rakshak, Uncategorized, Water Wisdom on September 22nd, 2010 Oh God! I’m feeling miserable!     It’s 12.30 in the night, as the rain pours incessantly, suddenly...

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Did you read the newspaper today?

  Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Jal Rakshak, Water Management on June 14th, 2010 Did you read the newspaper today? There were 2 articles that caught my attention—one was the  shutting down of water supply from UP to Delhi by 10,000 protesters in...

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When Water Hyacinth Becomes A Visual Delight !

When Water Hyacinth Becomes A Visual Delight ! Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Jal Rakshak on June 4th, 2010 Dear Jal Rakhsaks,  Advisors & Partners     Yesterday, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit, came to the Neela Hauz lake to check on the...

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The Neela Hauz Will Live Again!

  Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Environment Protection on March 29th, 2010 The Bridge over Neela Hauz is now nearly complete. I thought it was time to step up the pressure on PWD to remove the soil dumped in the lake. So I called up the...

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Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Jal Rakshak on December 18th, 2009 JAL RAKSHAK’s STOP WATER OVERFLOWS AND ADOPT RAINWATER HARVESTING CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE 1)      To create and build capacities of JAL RAKSHAKs in all 30 pockets (sectors) of Vasant Kunj...

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Dear Mr. Lt. Governor, Will You Keep Your Promise???

Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Environment Protection on October 9th, 2009 Yesterday, a group of IX standard students of St Mary’s School came to the Neela Hauz.. They had read about it in the newspaper and had taken this lake up as a Project for...

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Dwarka Underpass – An Avoidable Water Logging Fiasco

Rain Water HarvestingDwarka Underpass has been in the news for the sheer visual shock of seeing 6m (20ft) high column of water on a road after a more than average rainfall in a single day.

Actually, the water was standing not just in the underpass but also on the road leading into the underpass from both sides. Approximately, 1.5 km stretch of road including the underpass had water logging. The water logging was so bad

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The Winds of Change in the Ministry of Water Resources!

  The Winds of Change are whistling through the corridors of the Ministry of Water Resources (MOWR) – happily threatening to turn this staid, typical ministry into a vortex of new ideas, unconventional solutions and win-win partnerships. All it took was a mild...

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How to Become Water Wise

Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Water Wisdom on June 15th, 2009 A couple of day’s back I received a very interesting little note from Mr. Kishore Nath, who lives in Canada and appears to be very water conscious. He stated and then asked, “We can educate...

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Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Events, Jal Rakshak on June 2nd, 2009 To celebrate World Environment Day, Forum For Organized Resource Conservation and Enhancement (FORCE) – an NGO dedicated to the cause of Water Conservation- is organizing a One day...

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A FORCE’ful Message

Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Water Management on April 3rd, 2009 Water is a life sustaining resource but one that is limited in Quantity. Its distribution is inequitable and so is its usage. However there is a tremendous scope in economizing on its...

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Save Water, Share Water

The U.N. World Water Development Report ranks India 133rd among 180 countries for water availability. India almost hits rock bottom when it comes to water quality. Falling water tables, India’s unpredictable monsoon rains and its huge and growing population have...

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