Jal Sanchay Abhiyan

The P-4 Partners

Community Partner: Residents Welfare Associations of localities in Delhi for 50 sites



Government support: DELHI JAL BOARD, MUNCIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI, MLAs and Municipal Councilors of each area, BHAGIDARI CELL

FORCE with funding support from DIAGEO has started an ambitious RAINWATER HRAVESTING drive. This involves artificial recharge to groundwater at 50 sites across Delhi using dried and abandoned tube wells. With this project, through the demonstration effect of the 50 RWH sites, we hope to unleash a wave of rainwater harvesting in Delhi.


NCT of Delhi covers an area of 1483 sq. km. and has a population of approx 150 lakhs. This huge population demands 900 MGD of water but Delhi Jal Board barely manages to give it 650 MGD (after deducting losses). The shortfall today is a whopping 31%. Infact, by 2011, the 2 crore (20 Million) population will demand 1210 MGD but will get just 710 MGD – a shortfall of 42%!! What’s worse, for the next 10 years, no new large scale projects to augment water have been planned.

Groundwater – the water we take out through tube wells- comes to the Delhite’s rescue – just like it does in the rest of the country. More than 43% (CGWB estimates) of our water requirement is fulfilled by water drawn by DJB or private tube wells. Given the above water supply figures, this dependence can only grow in the future

Rainwater Harvesting, therefore, becomes critical for Delhi’s survival. It will ensure that groundwater supplies can continue to augment other available water sources. The Central Groundwater Board has estimated that about 3,64,530 billion litres of Delhi’s surplus monsoon runoff water, which otherwise goes waste, can be stored for subsequent use in the water holding soil strata below the earth’s surface.

Rainwater harvesting is a time-tested method of augmenting the groundwater reserves of an area. Simply put, it is – The process of capturing and storing rainfall where we get it and preventing its runoff, evaporation and seepage for its efficient utilization and conservation. Through rainwater harvesting, we ensure that the rain that falls on rooftops and other open areas around our buildings is not allowed to drain away into drains that head to the sea. Instead, it is directed back into the earth so that it seeps down and raises the water table of that area

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting:

1. The ground water level will rise.

2. Will reduce the runoff which chokes the storm water drains.

3. Prevents water logging

4. Quality of water will improve through the fall in level of dissolved impurities, and a decline in decline in acidity, nitrate, nitrite, chromium and fluoride levels

5. Reduction in global warming due to energy saving caused by reduction in duration of running submersible pump while extracting groundwater.

The objectives of JAL SANCHAY ABHIYAAN are:

1. The construction of 50 Rainwater Harvesting structures in order to artificially recharge the groundwater tables at 50 sites in Delhi. Rainwater Harvesting using recharge shafts which will be connected to abandoned tube wells at suitable sites.

2. Technical assistance for designing of the Rainwater Harvesting structures is from Central Groundwater Authority (Ministry of Water Resources). The project isl being executed in consultation with : Central Groundwater Board (Ministry of Water Resources), Delhi Jal Board ( Delhi Government), Bhagidari Cell ( Chief Minister’s Office), Residents Welfare Associations

3. A team of community leaders will be appointed as ‘Water Ambassadors’.They will be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the project. Training will be given to them to help maintain recharge efficiency and prevent contamination of raiwater harvestig structure.

4. Illustrative signboards at the site will be a constant reminder of the existence of and the maintenance needs of the RWH structures.

5. A Resident’s Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting to spread greater awareness about RWH will also be organised. Local leaders and administration will also be invited for this workshop.

6. The community will be encouraged to implement more rainwater harvesting structures. For this purpose, they will be given all help by FORCE.



1 Naraina Vihar 1 Completed
2 B-5 and 6, Vasant Kunj 2 Completed
3 South Extension 1 Completed
4 Vasant Vihar 2 Work in progress
5 Chittaranjan Park 5 Permissions in progress
6 Sarita Vihar 2 Completed
7 Arya Samaj – GK I 2 Permissions in progress
8 B-10, Vasant Kunj 2 Work started
9 Sainik Farms 1 Work started
11 Sector 21, Gurgaon 1 Work started
12 C-8 Vasant Kunj 1 Permissions in progress
13 Sheikh Sarai 1 Permissions in progress


JOIN THE JAL SANCHAY ABHIYAAN – If you have any abandoned tube wells in your colony, please ask your Resident’s Welfare Association to get in touch with us for recharge of ground water using those tube wells.



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