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    Hello Guys,

    Proper management of Solid Waste has become one of the major environmental issues in Sri Lanka. Solid waste problem attracted a huge attention with the recent tragic incident at Meethotamulla on 14th April, 2017. We find that many researchers have worked on this problem and their contributions are not usually factored into the decision making process. The issue has been further aggravated due to the absence of proper coordination among various organisations and institutions working on this in the country, and the time has come to take immediate and implementable action to solve this problem.

    In this context, Ministry of Science Technology and Research in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Governments and Provincial Councils hopes to organize a forum with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, scientists, researchers and the objective of this would be to finalise a National Solid Waste Management Action Plan that would be implemented to manage solid waste in the country, with proper coordination among various stakeholders.


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