Water Guardians International

Water Guardians International and WATER GUARDIAN : A federation of Water-Wise citizens and professionals aiming for a Blue Earth.

Join your nearest Water Guardian club to be one of the leaders of  the movement to create a Water Secure World.  Network with like-minded decision makers to chart your club’s plans for solving the biggest crisis that the world faces today.

Water Guardian Clubs

Water Guardian clubs are the building blocks for Water Guardians International (WGI). As a community leader, you can become a WGI member by joining any of the WG Clubs.

The club is where most of the water conscious meaningful work is carried out. Clubs can be engaged not only in their communities, but also internationally through activities, meetings and interactions social networking sites. What Water Guardian gets out of Water Guardian Forum depends largely on what they put into it.

General Information


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  • Everyone who realise the need to conserve water, respect water and have made any progress towards these goals is a Water Guardian in himself.
  • Everyone who believes that he / she can lead the way to bring about a mass change in the society.
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You can become a WG Club member through any of the routes below:

1) Click on the link below to register yourself as a member. Depending on your location, an existing WG Club member will revert back to you to welcome you to their WG Club*.

2) You may be nominated by an existing WG Club member or by FORCE. The WG Club will help complete your registration details

*In case of non-nominated members, the Water Guardian Club retains the right to accept / reject any membership request.

* Each club decides its own annual membership charges

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Welcome! As a WG Club member, you’ll get a chance to involve yourself in serving to solve your society’s water problems in any way you like.

Involvement is the key to getting the most out of your membership. Volunteer to serve on a committee that meets your interests, to take on a special responsibility that suits your personality, or to join a service project team. These activities will also help you get to know your fellow club members better.


Water Guardian clubs must meet at least once a month. The club can set its objectives, projects and activities for the year and for each month. You may want to organize:

  • Awareness programs -
  • Drawing/painting competition
  • Poem recital, songs & plays on water
  • Slogan writing, games & Quiz competitions
  • Discussion/debate on local water issues
  • Photo Exhibitions
  • Water Treks –along rivers / glaciers to understand their ecology

…Come up with your unique awareness events for your community!!

Start a Project

Water Guardians can help identify projects that help save water. By taking time to learn about local and international issues, your club may discover new opportunities for effective service projects.

In this section, you’ll find resources to help your club pick a project that’s best suited to its resources and interests. Some ideas that we can suggest:

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Water Wise saving – plumbing solutions for Water Saving in Households
  • Water wise Greening – Using Waste Water for greening
  • Water Education – Sponsor a poor child’s vocational education that helps him get livelihood from Water and Sanitation solutions
  • Water in each household – through borewells / pipelines and canals
  • Safe drinking water
  • Hygiene and sanitation solutions for rural and poor areas
  • River and catchment protection

…..Give life to your own idea – your own water project.


Collaborations can build new relationships and connections, allow participants to learn something new, and enhance the scope and effectiveness of service projects.

Water Guardian clubs and districts can often strengthen their service projects by collaborating with individuals, organizations, and sponsored groups that are based in the community being served or have expertise in a particular area of service. Working with other groups can help even small projects achieve a greater impact

  • Support the fund for Water Guardian support -Celebrate As You Donate – through both program participation and financial contributions
  • Develop leaders capable of serving as Water Guardians beyond the club level

Co-ordinate with Government bodies and other organizations involved in water conservation, to help include People’s voices in government policies.

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Water Guardians International and FORCE offer a variety of resources to help you get the most from your membership.

  • Financial support for your projects from the ‘Celebrate As You Donate’ corpus
  • Collaborations with government, media, technical experts and other clubs
  • Yearly events
  • Operational, implementation and fund raising support
  • Creative and networking support.
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Water Guardians International is a grass root organization, and its service efforts are carried out at the club level. Effective club operations include both administrative and service responsibilities. And effective Water Guardians Club is able to:

  • Develop strong bonds between its members
  • Sustain or increase its membership base
  • Implement successful projects that address the needs of their community and communities in other areas.
  • Create strong linkages with other change makers including government, experts, leaders and donors.
  • Support Water Guardian International through both program participation and financial contributions.
  • Develop leaders, thinkers and doers capable of serving In Water Guardian’s and beyond.

The Administrative set-up will include a Governing Body, nominated by rotation / election, on a yearly basis. Annual Reports and Audited Accounts will be submitted to Water Guardians International and FORCE every year.

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Water Guardians District exists to help Water Guardian Clubs excel. Districts connect clubs with each other and to resources from Administration. They also train club leaders and facilitate programs such as Water Guardian Awards and monitor the club activates to ensure that members get the most from their membership and shine as water saviours in their communities.

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The Water Guardians International Constitution provides the foundation for Water Guardians’ policies and procedures and can be changed only through a Council on Legislation. Every club and district is entitled to propose amendments to constitutional documents by submitting legislation to the Council on Legislation. The constitutional documents can be found in the Manual of Procedure.

Club and district leaders can use the Manual of Procedure to better understand Water Guardian International and the policies and procedures relevant to their responsibilities. The Water Guardians Board of Directors also issues policy decisions that are compiled in the Water Guardian Code of Policies.


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