Jyoti Sharma, President FORCE posted this in Environment Protection, Jal Rakshak, Water Management, Water Wisdom on August 20th, 2010

Dear Jal Rakshaks


Indians down the ages have celebrated the first showers of the Monsoon rain. It brought with it the promise of a bountiful yield, joy and prosperity all around. It has been a major source of inspiration for Indian folklore and creative arts.  Even today, it has the power to make or break governments and economic indices in India.


From time immemorial, the monsoon has been coming every year – and yet it always seems to catch us unprepared. Infact, it seems that planning for the monsoon excess was better in the ancient times than it is now!


Today, monsoon reports are all about water logging, traffic jams, floods and droughts – the pleasure and poetry of this life giving rain is all gone!


It’s time for some honest introspection. Who is to blame – the government, the people, God or all us ??


Ultimately, it is us …the citizens…who suffer.


What do you think, we can do, to save ourselves from this misery ??

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