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We are an Indian Not for Profit organization. Our Vision … To create Water & Sanitation Secure Communities that make a Clean, Healthy World.
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Our Programs & Initiatives to realize the Vision of A Water & Sanitation Secure, Clean & Healthy World Are…

Blue India Program

Our Water Conservation program to create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects on ground and impact government policy for 5 R's of Water Conservation

Clean WASH Program

To create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects & impact government policy for Dignified, easy and sustainable access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for the urban poor and rural India

Rain Water Harvesting

Catch rain where it falls

Nature gives us enough water for our need. It is our job to use it judiciously to fulfill our WATER requirement.

Policy, Research & Innovations

Advocacy & Resources

A collection of our analysis, assessments and evaluations to understand more about water and sanitation

Effective Social Innovation

Our trendsetting publication

Planning Guide for Changemakers (social innovation guide) – to give wings to your social innovation ideas

Latest from the Blog

Interesting articles written by the FORCE team members, volunteers and guests to articulate our philosophy – Save Water, Share Water and above all – respect water.
Ward Jal Rakshak (JR) Club – “Water for Peace”

Ward Jal Rakshak (JR) Club – “Water for Peace”

Water scarcity is increasingly becoming a cause of inter user, interstate and International conflict. This is because water scarcity kills people - their health, prosperity, livelihoods and lifestyles. Water scarcity may well be the biggest threat to Global Peace...

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Water For Peace

Of all the crises the world faces today, water scarcity is perhaps the most worrying. Water is essential to fulfil all our  needs. Without water we cannot grow food, maintain hygiene, make homes, buildings, machines, short, no human activity can be done...

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Participate in Plantation Drive and Win Rs. 5000!

Participate in Plantation Drive and Win Rs. 5000!

Dear Jal Rakshaks Many thanks for your kind interest in becoming an environment saviour. As we all know the groundwater crisis is becoming worse every day. We blame everyone else but ourselves for the same. The time has come for each of us to take the initiative and...

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