FORCE is an award winning Indian Non Profit committed to the cause of Water & Sanitation
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How FORCE Got Started

FORCE is a NGO that works for water conservation. FORCE was born out of the frustration felt by Jyoti that though water scarcity was one of the biggest problems facing us, it was becoming bigger because we were indulging only in blame games. She also felt that it was a problem that did not have to reach epic proportions if only all the stakeholders worked together in productive partnership mode using modern thinking,  new technologies and traditional respect for water. She founded FORCE on the principles of productive partnerships with all stakeholders to solve the Water scarcity problem which she firmly believes is totally solvable.

Our Mission

To help create productive, responsible partnerships that use new technology & participative governance for holistic solutions leading to Water Security.

What is meant by water security?

For us, at FORCE, ‘Water Security’ means that every micro unit has enough sustainable water supplies to take care of its basic drinking, food, sanitation and hygiene needs for all.

More About FORCE

FORCE is a NGO that works for Water Conservation. FORCE is FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976) Certified NGO. (Details of grants received under FCRA). 

FORCE is also registered under sections 12A and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 as a charitable organisation.

FORCE has been founded by Jyoti Sharma, an Economics Honors graduate from Delhi University. She is also an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore from where she obtained her Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in 1992. She has worked in the corporate and academic sectors before starting FORCE in 2004. Currently she is the President of FORCE.

Objective of FORCE is to create awareness about natural resources– their use, misuse, current status and future scenario and to ensure adoption of measures to prevent their depletion.

Our focus area is water. Our vision is to make communities Water & Sanitation Secure

See – FORCE Theory of Change


‘Water Secure’ means that every micro unit should have enough sustainable water supplies to take care of its basic needs for all.

FORCE believes that ‘Modern Technology’, ‘Traditional Wisdom’ and ‘People’s Participation’ hold the key to creating ‘Water Security’ and ‘Water Wise citizens’

FORCE adopts a unique 4 WAY PARTNERSHIP (P-4) approach. It partners with government and local leaders, communities and corporate to offer end-to-end support to citizen groups interested in adopting water conservation practices.

Using customized programs, we cut across age, income, gender lines to spread the 5 ‘R’s message of water conservation. We have created a strong network of Residents Welfare Associations and corporates that are actively propagating water conservation and recharge measures.

We believe that new technology, traditional wisdom and people’s participation hold the key to resolving water management problems. And creating ‘WATER WISE citizens’

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