Founder's Story

FORCE was born out of Jyoti’s own experience of living with water scarcity and her frustration with people’s tendency to waste time playing blame games instead of joining hands to find solutions. She saw that though water scarcity was one of the biggest problems facing us, it was a problem that could be handled – if only all the stakeholders worked together using technology and modern thinking without losing their tradition of respect for water as a life-giver. She founded FORCE on the principles of productive partnerships , Gandhian Self Sufficiency and with all stakeholders to solve the Water scarcity problem which she firmly believes is totally solvable.

Our Vision

Making Communities Water, Climate & WASH Secure

Our Mission

Make Communities Water, Climate & WASH Secure through Productive, Responsible partnerships, Policy Advocacy, Appropriate technologies, Inclusive governance and Mindfulness for holistic solutions

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