4 Way Partnership Model

We firmly believe that every problem has a solution. All it needs is that all stakeholders should work together.

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Our strength lies in our Partnerships.

We at FORCE believe that it is pointless to play ‘Blame Games’. Instead, joining hands to Care for Water will drive us out of this Water Crisis.

To make the juggernaut of Water Security run fast, we adopt a unique ‘4 WAY PARTNERSHIP’ (P-4) approach.

Each partner brings his unique value add that gets multiplied when all join together.

Partner 1 – The Community – The Drivers of Change. We sometimes spend years to sensitise a community before we start a WASH project in the area.Till the community decides “ We Want Safe Water, Sustainable Sanitation, Hygiene and health – and we are willing to work with you for it” we do not start the project work. The Community must lead its WASH transformation.

Partner 2 – Technical Experts – The Guiding Lights. We take help from the best minds and most appropriate technologies so that optimum WASH solutions are implemented. We don’t want mistakes in WASH – they can cost innocent lives.

Partner 3 – Funding Partners – The Alchemists who convert dreams into reality. WASH infrastructure holds the key to real change – without money it is impossible. So we ask for funds – not for FORCE – but for investments in change. For every 1 Rupee spent via FORCE, 5 Rupees are spent directly by Funding Partners in the communities. We encourage direct spending.

Partner 4 – The Government – The Game changers. Large scale change comes only with government facilitation. Our interface with government is continuous – at all levels – so that they understand our models of change….and so that we understand their priorities and constraints.


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