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Dedicated to the cause of creating Water Security

The FORCE for Water Security Group is a set of related institutions and non-profits dedicated to the cause of creating Water Security. Currently the FORCE group comprises of two non-profits – FORCE NGO (Forum for Organised Resource Conservation and Enhancement) and PJRM FORCE Trust. Both are New Delhi, India based non-profits working towards creating Water Secure communities with access to sustainable sanitation solutions.

FORCE NGO is a grassroots and advocacy organization that has been working all over India since 2004 for promoting Water Security and Sustainable Sanitation. Using new technology, traditional wisdom and people’s participation it works with communities and advocates with policy makers to help resolve water management problems.

PJRM FORCE Trust is a  charitable trust which takes the work of FORCE forward with an additional mandate for Research, knowledge sharing, technical expertise and institution development towards creating Water Security and Sustainable Sanitation. Formed in 2013, it has already launched FORCE Institute of Social Innovation and Pandit Jagat Ram Bhargava School for Profitable Agriculture and Resource Conservation (PJRB-SPARC)

The two symbiotic organizations give shape to FORCE’s Theory of Change viz that convergence in people, policy makers’ , thinkers and change-makers’ efforts is the surest way to transformative change. While FORCE NGO works for Water Security from the bottom upwards – moving its grassroots experiences from communities and change-makers to policy makers and thinkers; PJRM FORCE Trust influences change by enabling knowledge generation, sharing and facilitating its use.

FORCE Group’s activities have already reached academia, students, non profits and citizens in many countries. In India, its activities have reached our to more than 1.5 million Indians, impacted more than 300,000 people and 100,000 children. More than 30 million liters of water is being saved or recharged annually because of FORCE’s interventions. Through its participation in consultative committees of the state and central government, FORCE is also a strong influencer of public policy on Water in India,

FORCE has been founded by Jyoti Sharma. She is the FORCE Group President, a Social Innovator, Environmentalist, Ashoka Fellow and a Swearer Fellow at Brown University, USA.

In recognition of FORCE NGO’s work for water conservation, it was awarded as Finalist (3rd Prize) in the National Urban Water Award 2009 instituted by the Ministry of Urban Development.

This website represents the work of the FORCE Group of Non-profits.

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Blue India Program of FORCEWater Security Program

Our Water Conservation program to create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects on ground and impact government policy for 5 R’s of Water Conservation by working with communities for water security

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Reduce Water Wastage                                                Recycle Waste Water

Reuse Used Water                                                         Respect Water

Recharge Groundwater (Rainwater Harvesting)

Clean Wash Program of FORCEWaste & WASH Program

To create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects & impact government policy for Dignified life, Easy and Sustainable access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for the urban poor and rural India. Also work for Solid Waste Management.

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Jal Rakshak Water Guardian NetworkJal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network

To highlight, empower, connect and reward Water Wise citizens who work and implement water conservation initiatives in communities to help make them water secure

Go to Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network Website


To Educate, Innovate, Inspire and Enable a sustainable, water abundant world by a shift towards profitable, health-giving, water & resource efficient agriculture for food and water secure nation

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