Water Body Survey Form

help us identify and save ponds, lakes, wetlands...

Lakes and water bodies have a huge impact on the local ecosystem and environment. Some of their effects on the environment are featured as under:

  • Rainwater reservoirs – Lakes & water bodies are excellent rainwater storage points and subsequent source of recharge for groundwater.
  • Source to Ground Water – Lakes and water bodies provide a constant water supply to the underlying ground water reserves. Constant percolation results in perennial unconfined aquifers in the sub strata that can be efficiently utilized with effortless planning.
  • Climatic Conditions – Lakes and water bodies affects the local climatic conditions in multiple ways. The air / surface water interface throughout the year results in a temperature difference. The water body acts as a heat sink. During dry seasons, surface water from the lake / water bodies provides moisture to the soil surface and supports the local flora and fauna. Surface water evaporation ratio determines the humidity rate during summer season – it largely influences the local water cycle and results in nonseasonal rain.

Unfortunately, water bodies today are in very bad state all over the country. In most cases, they have become dumping place for household and industrial wastewater. In many places, they are also filled with garbage. The result is that water bodies are dying. And this makes the water crisis faced by the communities worse.

Help us revive water bodies. The first step towards water body revival is to identify water bodies and make a database of them. This survey form will help us do that.

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