Water Logging Points Survey Form

rain water harvesting at water logging points offers two benefits …

Come rains and with it comes the problem of water logging.  Reasons for water logging are many:

  1. Choked storm water drains.
  2. Outlet for water and slopes in opposite directions.
  3. Excessively paved areas resulting in higher runoff.
  4. Non-existent passage for water.
  5. More than average rainfall, etc

From water conservation perspective, water logging points offer excellent opportunity for ground water recharge. Depending on the cleanliness of the catchment and therefore the water at such points, various ground water recharge techniques can be used:

  1. Percolation pits
  2. Trenches, or
  3. Recharge bore-wells

Utmost care, however, must be taken that no sewage water mixes with water intended for ground water recharge.

Water from water logging points could also be diverted to nearby water bodies if available.

This Water logging points survey form will help pin point locations in your area that offer scope for rain water harvesting. This will be used to make the plans for water harvesting and execute them to ensure that the rain water does not go waste. This will also help eliminate the problem of water logging that we face every monsoon in those areas.

We will also over time plot the locations of the water logging points on a GIS map which will help us all plan for the water security of the area.

We also request you to share this page with your friends, colleagues and relative and also on your social media pages to help us reach as many water conservation enthusiasts as possible so that we are able to plan water conservation initiatives in more areas to make communities water secure.

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