Making Communities Water Secure

Big problems can be solved if we REVERSE THE PARADIGM – THINK SMALL and achieve micro level self sufficiency with respect to water


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Our Objectives

To create awareness, innovate, design, implement programs & impact government policy for The 5 ‘R’s of Water Conservation

  • ‘R’educe Wastage of Water
  • ‘R’e-use used water
  • ‘R’echarge to groundwater
  • ‘R’ecycle Waste Water
  • ‘R’espect Water

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain is the only source of fresh water. We want to make Rain Water Harvesting a National Movement for ensuring water security at the smallest administrative level.

Water Bodies

Water bodies – natural or man made – are store house of water for immediate use, help recharge the ground water, act as heat sinks and preserve the flora – fauna. We must preserve them for sustainable water security.

Recycling Kitchen Waste Water

Nature recycles everything. We too can try recycling at household or community level. Kitchen waste water can be recycled to use for horticulture purpose – maintain our household plants, community gardens and plants with recycled water.

Community Engagement Programs

For every social objective, community participation is a must. We engage with the communities to ensure that they not only have 100% buy-in but actually become the drivers of change. People's participation is the cornerstone of our 4 Way Partnership model.

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