Why Rain Water Harvesting?

Rain is the only source of fresh water. Become a zero rain water outflow community and become water secure.

What is Rain Water Harvesting and the need for it

Rain Water Harvesting and Water Security

Most cities need not be water deficient, if only they adopt Rain Water harvesting at a large scale. The reason is that most of them receive more rain than their water requirement. A case in point is Bengaluru. The city gets far more rain than its water requirements. Therefore if Bengaluru becomes Zero Rainfall Outflow city, it can be 100% self sufficient with respect to water. Hence, Bengaluru need not be on the list of cities that will run out of Groundwater.

Please refer to our Rain Water Harvesting FAQ for more information on the subject. You could also write to us force [at] force [dot] org [dot] in for any queries related to Rain Water Harvesting.

Make your area water secure

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