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FORCE is eligible to receive US Donations through CAF America

As a US public charity, CAF America is able to accept donations from US donors who can then recommend that CAF America use those funds to support FORCE. Since we are eligible with CAF America, they will be able to make these grants to FORCE. The donations are 100% tax deductible, and the donor will receive a tax receipt from CAF America for the full amount of their donation.

How can you make donations to FORCE through CAF America?

By check:

  1. Write a check payable to CAF America
  2. Download and fill out the gift form. It is mandatory to send the duly filled out Gift form for any gifts not made through CAF America's online donation form.
  3. Mail the check and gift form to:

CAF America

225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 375

Alexandria, VA 22314


Through CAF America website:

  • Visit CAF America FORCE page
  • Click “Donate Now”
  • Give a single gift
  • Fill out the form and click Submit
  • Enter credit card information and click Submit
  • Wait for the confirmation page – do not re-click submit or refresh the page as you may be additionally charged.
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you for tax deduction purposes.

By wire transfer:

  1. CAF America requires that all wire transfer donations be accompanied by a gift form that may be e-mailed or sent by post.
  2. Use the banking information below.

a) Wire Transfer

CAF America

Account #: 001923459009

ABA Routing #: 026009593


b) ACH Transfer

CAF America

Account #: 001923459009

ACH Routing #: 054001204

c) Bank Address:

Bank of America

730 15th Street NW 1st Floor


Washington, D.C. 20005



For both, the donation payment by check and Wire transfer, it is mandatory that the Gift form is filled out and sent either by email or post to CAF America for your donation to be processed.

Download and fill out the gift form and send along with the check / after the wire transfer at the CAF America address with the suggestion that the donation be given to Forum for Organised Resource Conservation & Enhancement (FORCE).

CAF America

225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 375

Alexandria, VA 22314


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