Internship Opportunities

exciting projects for students and mid-career professionals
FORCE welcomes students from schools, colleges and universities from all over the world to do internship with us.

How to apply:

You can send your application to us at

The application must mention the period (start and end date) of internship, the reason for applying to FORCE and the area of work in which you wish to do the internship.

Confirmation of internship placement:

We have a communication with the applicant to understand their interest and discuss project options before accepting the application.

We welcome interns in the following areas:

  1. Case study development based on our current / past projects
  2. Work on our ongoing projects
  3. Research on Water Conservation
  4. Research on Sanitation / Hygiene
  5. Research on Solid Waste Management
  6. Proposal Writing
  7. Marketing / Branding / Awareness programs
  8. Fund Raising
  9. Website Promotion
  10. Any other possible project idea on Water & Sanitation

Reports & Certifications:

Interns are expected to submit a copy their project report to the supervisor. They are also expected to make a presentation. FORCE awards a certificate at the end of the term. Supervisor also complete any evaluation form if required by the intern’s institute.

If you have any queries, please write at


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