FORCE Jal Rakshak Plantation Drive

Participate in Plantation Drive and Win Rs. 5000!

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Dear Jal Rakshaks

Many thanks for your kind interest in becoming an environment saviour. As we all know the groundwater crisis is becoming worse every day. We blame everyone else but ourselves for the same. The time has come for each of us to take the initiative and start work to arrest the fall in groundwater levels across the country.

This monsoon month, let us plant indigenous trees in our localities which would help clean the air, bring rain, and eventually recharge the groundwater. Under this “plantation drive” offered by FORCE, you not only make your areas green by planting trees but also get recognised with some rewards!

Under this offer we invite Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Clubs (JR&WG Clubs), RWAs and individuals to plant 50 or more trees in their localities. For this greening, we will award 20 water carats (1 Water carat is equivalent to 10,000 Litres of water saved, which is equivalent to 3 mature tree) as well as a prize money of Rs 5000 to the first 10 participants.

Hurry up! As Water saviours, let us lock each drop of rainwater in the root of native tree species and improve the ground water quality and Water table.

Terms & Condition for participating in the “FORCE Jal Rakshak Plantation Drive”

  • This plantation drive is open till 20th September 2020.
  • Any JR&WG Clubs RWA or Individual can enrol themselves in this drive.
  • The basic task to win this offer is to plant 50 or more trees in your respective localities or space available nearby and register as Jal Rakshak on the JR&WG App (link given below).
  • Plants must be native or indigenous species.
  • Plantation work must be uploaded on JR&WG App on or before 20th September 2020.
  • If the document with respect to plantation drive is received after 20th Sep 2020 then the Club/RWA/Individual is eligible for earning water carat depending on the number of trees planted and hence water saved, but not the prize.
  • The accepted uploaded documents would be either photographs with timestamp and geo location or Video of the plantation work.
  • Verification of validity of the uploaded document with regard to the plantation drive will be performed by FORCE Team and if any error in the uploaded document is found then the club / RWA / Individual will be notified for the same.
  • After the verification of work, FORCE team will select the first ten clubs/ RWA/ Individual (can be anyone), and the name of the winning club / RWA / Individual will be displayed on FORCE website.
  • First ten verified documents uploaded by clubs/ RWA/ Individual will get the offered prize and all verification and selection process will be under the supervision of FORCE team.
  • The winning prize for this plantation drive is Rs. 5000 per club or RWA or an Individual, and it is on first come and first serve basis so hurry up!
  • For any individuals, if he/she is also participating in any club or RWA the count of the trees must be different. (For example: if he/she has individually planted 40 trees and also participated in a club named “XYZ” which has planted 10 trees, if both have participated for the plantation drive, it will be discarded and the respective water carat will be credited in their account.)
  • For any clubs, RWAs and Individuals who want to participate in this drive must register themselves as Jal Rakshak on WG App.
  • For any query and suggestion feel free to contact us at +91 87450 17933 or write us at
  • WG App link:

About the Author

Sanjiv Sharma

Sanjeev, an alumni of IIM Bangalore, is the Director Projects & Partnerships at FORCE.

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