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FORCE uses its field experience and community reach for innovations in Water Conservation & Sanitation
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FORCE is an NGOs that contributes as much to policy and related research as it does to grassroots activities. We are always curious, always wanting to know more about water, sanitation and other hygiene issues. We do dip stick studies, quantitative analysis, qualitative assessments and impact evaluations to understand more about the world of Water & Sanitation.

Some such studies that may be of interest to all are:

Water Use Efficiency Policy

Examining the Water Policy Challenge ‐ Can Water Use Embedding lead the way?

Felt Sustainability of Water

.This report explores the concept of felt sustainability in relation to water in an Indian context.

Re-settlements & Water Bodies

Documentation of water bodies and their linkages with planned Re-settlement colonies and informal settlements

Sanitation Without Sewers

As a part of a project funded by GIZ – Sanitation Without Sewers – Water Bodies and their linkages with Re-settlements…

Water Quality Testing & Results

Findings of a study done by FORCE as a part of WaterAid India supported Swatchch Dilli Swasth Dilli project.

Impact Analysis of RWH

FORCE did an Impact Analysis of the Rainwater Harvesting that had been done in a locality of New Delhi, India – Alakanada

Status Of Sanitation in Slums

This report on status of sanitation is based on the study of a ‘Resettlement Colony’ for slum dwellers in Delhi, India.

Self Sufficiency in Water

A study was done by FORCE to evaluate whether Delhi has the potential to become Self Sufficient in Water…

Improvement in CTC Services

Paper presented by Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE at the Asia Regional Sanitation and Hygiene Practitioners’ Workshop in Dhaka.

CTC Management Report

Based on the study, FORCE prepared the CTC Management Report’ which gives findings and recommendations for CTCs…

Wash Transformation Engineering

A theoretical framework developed by FORCE to show how Development Sector professionals working in urban poor …

Water Bodies in Delhi

Database of water bodies in Delhi and their geographical representation using GIS application

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