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Not for oil, nor for gold….the next World Wars may well be fought for Water.

The biggest problem the world faces today is the ever-increasing footprint of the Freshwater crisis.

Its not just about a few people somewhere in the world not having enough water to drink, it is about an interconnected world order that will suffer the domino effect of a water crisis.

No water security means no food, sanitation, health, livelihood…even national security! Without Water there can be no life.

FORCE invites you to volunteer with us to save the world from the Freshwater crisis it is hurtling towards.

We need the best minds, the most committed souls and the most passionate action to create a world which has Water for All. In working with us, you will get a truly immersive experience of bringing about change where it is needed most. Work with us in the slums of big cities, in villages where crop failures lead to farmer suicides, in portals of power that is blind to the suffering of the people and in the confluence of dedicated change-makers.

Take the voices to those that need to be heard to those that hold the keys to change.

We offer you this opportunity to serve the cause, while you build your empathetic leadership, organizational and adaptive skills. Most importantly, this immersive, hands on experience in a multi-hued, complicated part of the world will widen your horizons like nothing else can!

To volunteer, write to us at volunteer [at] force [dot] org [dot] in or connect with us using the Contact Us form

You could also check out our Volunteering Options and then write to us or call.

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