Water scarcity is increasingly becoming a cause of inter user, interstate and International conflict. This is because water scarcity kills people – their health, prosperity, livelihoods and lifestyles.

Water scarcity may well be the biggest threat to Global Peace (link of blog).

Therefore, on the auspicious occasion of World Peace Day 2020, we invite you to join our special scheme ‘Jal Rakshak Clubs – Water foe Peace'.

In this scheme we invite Jal Rakshaks to form a ‘Jal Rakshak Club' of 10 Jal Rakshaks or more from within their municipal ward. The Club will be the means to promote water security practices and also the life-learning’s of a peaceful,  productive, satisfied self and society from Water as a Guru.

Read details of JR club structure, values and activities here (add link).

For the first five clubs, we will support meeting costs of upto Rs 1000 per meeting for 3 monthly meetings. Also, for all clubs we will offer the chance to get up to Rs 3000/- for activities on the theme ‘Water for Peace'.  Your club will also be given Water Carats or Credits as per the norms. A special prize of Rs 3000/- will also be given to the most impactful activity.

Hurry up! Make your “Ward Jal Rakshak Club” today!

Terms & Conditions for participation

  1. Any Jal Rakshak can participate.
  2. Jal Rakshak Club can have 10 or more Jal Rakshaks. From your municipal wards.
  3. JR Club will be formed and shall operate as per the norms in the JR&WG manual'. Please refer to it for details on how to conduct Club meetings.
  4. Scheme’ includes monthly meetings and at least one activity (which may include number of people reached or amount of water saved).
  5. Registration of Ward JR club to be done by 15th October, 2020.
  6. Activities to be completed by 30th October 2020.
  7. Meeting grant will be given on first come first serve basis. The first 5 clubs that register before 30th September, 2020.
  8. Each and every member of the Jal Rakshak club should be registered on JR&WG App.
  9. All the clubs have to provide written commitment that these clubs will be functional even after the completion of this scheme.
    • We are happy to discuss more detail about this scheme with you; we are always available between 4 PM to 5 PM on every Tuesday and Friday to discuss any further details.
    • It is mandatory to maintain document of verification for your conducted activities or meetings, which includes Bills, photographs of the event etc.
    • Selection of activities and winners to support is at the sole discretion of FORCE.
    • After the verification of work, the grant amount will be dispersed to the winning JR Clubs.
    • For any query and suggestion feel free to contact us at +91 87450 17933 or write us at wgi@force.org.in
    • WG App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digitalindiavibes.wg


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