Of all the crises the world faces today, water scarcity is perhaps the most worrying. Water is essential to fulfil all our  needs. Without water we cannot grow food, maintain hygiene, make homes, buildings, machines, computers…in short, no human activity can be done without water. Perhaps that is why human civilization developed along river banks and why scientists are feverishly trying to find water on other moons and planets

This overwhelming dependence on water in the face of rising human need is the root cause of water conflict.

Take a look at this map. It shows the global water status in 2025. The  parts in yellow and red colours are those which will face physical or economic water scarcity while those in blue are those that will be water secure. A closer look will show that most developing and underdeveloped nations – the poorest, most populous and conflicted parts of the world – are red or yellow. If in these areas water scarcity becomes worse then conflicts will surely increase. Water. Instead of being the life giver, will become the cause of much misery!

Yemen showcases an example of water scarcity leading to conflict. Because of severe mismanagement, Yemen’s water availability is declining dramatically. The impact of water scarcity on the people is however, unequally distributed. Corruption and nepotism is at the core of this imbalance. This has increasingly frustrated the disadvantaged. Water scarcity has played a big role in fuelling the political and security crisis in Yemen.I

n India the long-standing conflict over water from the Cauvery River between the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has recently resurfaced in the context of drier climate conditions. The implications are not only legal battles, but also violent protests following decisions to alter water distribution between the two states.

Water is not just life. It is also Peace. On World Peace Day, let us pledge to create Water Security for World Peace

Blog by: Adarsha , Documentation Co-ordinator, FORCE and Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE

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