Stones-in-waterHi I am Varun

‘Mr Water’ if you please,

I’m here to make new friends

With you and all your buddies.

I’m a quiet kinda guy

So I don’t like to brag;

But fact is I’m a superhero

Better than your comic book gags!

Whoosh ! I can disappear

And envelop you in ghostly mist;

Thunk! I can sink the titanic

With my solid icy fist!

I am a fun filled fella

Come with me for a spin;

Sailing and swimming and flying and skiing’

You name the game and I’m in.

Par Bachchoo apun se panga mat lena!

Mai garam ho gayaa to tera ubla anda banaa doonga

Yaa thand maar ke aadmi ka putlaa banaa doonga

Arre! Apun woh danger cheez hai jiski phook hee railgaadi bhagaa de !

At the risk of sounding arrogant

Let me tell you I’m unique

I’m called the universal solvent

And | expand when I freeze

There’s 344 million cubic miles of me

Unchanged since the earth was made

Of this 315 million cubic miles of sea

3 times more than land

With just 0.5% of me

I slake the thirst of all life;

I’ll bet my last drop

You cant live 5 days without me!

75% of you is me

Just ask you bio teacher

If there can be life without me ?

I live my life on your planet

Over and over again

Mother ice gives birth to a droplet

That bounces into a merry stream

Racing crazily down the mountain

Sneaking around grandpa rocks

And hiding in crevices.

From stream to mighty river

My transformation is complete,

Quiet, strong and nurturing

Life thrives in and around me.

You don’t give a damn about me,

Why else would you dump everyday

2 million tons of waste in me ??

You lock me in cramped dams

And build houses on my beautiful bed.

You suck dry every source

And blacken the little that’s left !

And when I go in hiding

Deep into the earth’s womb

You yank me out mercilessly

To flush out your potty !!

You’ve left me no place to live

Filled up my lakes, ponds and rivers’

You’ve killed my big-bro forests

And now you call me ‘absconder’!!

What I need is a Maneka Gandhi

A ‘ People for Ethical Treatment of Water’

Or ‘Z category’ commando protection

From those I love to serve!!

Bruised, battered, infected and famished

I finally reach the sea

Cuddled deep in its immensity

I wait for the sun to set me free

I ride the flaming sun

Give colour to heaven’s palette

Till I’m born again as a drop.

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