To create awareness, innovate, design, implement programs & policy advocacy for The 5 ‘R’s of Water Conservation

All Our Water Security Program initiatives have one or more of the following 5R’s of Water Conservation

Reduce Water Wastage

We encourage adoption of water saving products and processes to reduce wastage of water at household, community and water utility level.

Reuse Used Water

We encourage people to use water at least twice before discarding it as waste water. For example, using last wash rinse water for mopping of floors; wash water of vegetables, lentils for watering plants etc.

Recharge to Groundwater

Rain is the only source of fresh water. We want to make Rain Water Harvesting a National Movement for ensuring water security at the smallest administrative level.

Recycle Waste Water

Treat your own waste water and re-use it for gardening, washing of public spaces and construction. We promote a complete substitution of freshwater use in gardening with use of treated waste water.

Respect Water

Water is life – let’s re-learn to respect Water. Our religions use Water as the supreme ‘Purifier’. Re-start those traditions

Blue India Program of FORCEWater Security Program

Our Water Conservation program to create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects on ground and impact government policy for 5 R’s of Water Conservation by working with communities for water security

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Reduce Water Wastage                                                Recycle Waste Water

Reuse Used Water                                                         Respect Water

Recharge Groundwater (Rainwater Harvesting)

Clean Wash Program of FORCEWaste & WASH Program

To create awareness, innovate, design, implement projects & impact government policy for Dignified life, Easy and Sustainable access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for the urban poor and rural India. Also work for Solid Waste Management.

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Jal Rakshak Water Guardian NetworkJal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network

To highlight, empower, connect and reward Water Wise citizens who work and implement water conservation initiatives in communities to help make them water secure

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To Educate, Innovate, Inspire and Enable a sustainable, water abundant world by a shift towards profitable, health-giving, water & resource efficient agriculture for food and water secure nation

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