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baseline to estimate the extent of rain water harvesting in your area...

Rain is the only source of water. And the truth is that nature gives us more water than our requirement by way of rain. However, we still have shortage of water because we let the rain water go waste – in most cases it flows into drains and eventually ends up outside the limits of the city or village. It is the water that could have been recharged to the ground to augment the depleting ground water level of the area. In other words, rain water harvesting (RWH) would help us make communities water secure.

In order to plan for the water security of an area, we need to first get an idea of the current situation – baseline.

Therefore, we need to undertake a baseline survey of the existing rainwater harvesting in an area before undertaking additional groundwater recharge capacity building.

Rain Water HarvestingThis rain water harvesting form will help us do the following:

  1. Understand the current level of rain water harvesting in your area.
  2. The status of the existing rain water harvesting structures.
  3. The need for additional rain water harvesting structures so that we are able to make your area a zero rainwater outflow area.

We will also over time plot the locations of the rain water harvesting structures on a GIS map which will help us all plan for the water security of the area.

We also request you to share this page with your friends, colleagues and relatives and also on your social media pages to help us reach as many water conservation enthusiasts as possible so that we are able to plan rain water harvesting initiatives in more areas to make communities water secure.


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Rainwater Harvesting


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